Having started my own family in recent years and already trained in massage therapy it was an easy progression to train in mother and baby massage.

With a passion for giving the best customer experience and delivering a high standard of teaching it was the right decision to start Baby Bond.

Having been through two pregnancies, which were both a very different experience, I now realise the importance of relaxation and pampering during those 9 months.

I love doing massage on my own children and know first hand the benefits it can have. I can be empathetic with each individual’s circumstances and will work with you to help you bond and develop with your baby. I am sure you and your babies will enjoy Baby Massage as much as I do…

I am delighted to announce we are working with Isabel Sumner. A Sleep Therapist/ Consultant, who also provides event napping and baby sitting. Find out more about Isabel below…

A mummy to my gorgeous little girl, handsome little boy and wife to Lee and there are only 16 months between my two little Masons. I know that becoming a parent for the first or second time is an amazing journey which is full of different challenges.

Having done massage for over 15 years I am a beauty and massage therapist, trained in Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone and Lava shells Massage. All people big or small need to find a way to relax and unwind. My daughter now loves having her feet massaged and my son, loves his face massaged before bed time.

You can help your own little one, through each stage of their development, by using massage. The benefits to your babies are fantastic. It helps them to sleep for longer, soothes them when they are teething, helps their digestion and more than anything gives you the time and the skill to understand and bond with your baby… priceless!

My name is Isabel Sumner.

For the past 6 years i have worked im the childcare industry ranging from nurseries to being a private nanny. I have learnt alot along the way in relation to childrens needs and wants.

During my career i have gained many qualifications and priceless experience which definitely came im handy when i had my own daughter in November 2012.

Having gone through the many highs and lows that having a child brings, one thing was constant……sleep. Or should i say lack there of!

So i decided to extend my knowledge and study sleep therapy, at first to solve our own sleep issues and now of course to help you.

Our mission is to create a fun and caring community of parents and parents to be, where we meet and feel comfortable sharing our trumps and sleepless nights!

We love to see you develop and grow your skills, but most of all create the ever-lasting bond between you and your baby.

Testimonials & Recommendations

Just finished the course with my 10 week old – I would really recommend it. Very relaxing and a chance for me to have some bonding time with my baby which I can continue at home – he loved it too!
We loved the baby massage course, and 6 months later it’s still part of our bedtime routine. Karley was fantastic and made us feel really relaxed throughout xx
I did this course with my 8 week old girl, Karley is very professional and personable and the set up is perfect. The baby’s loved it, learnt some great techniques to help the stomach and was a fab social activity for the new mums too! Highly recommended.
I started this course in January when my son was about 10 weeks old. He suffered quite badly with colic and reflux and I found that the massages (especially the colic one) really helped him in the evenings, which was a godsend for all concerned! The massages were very well structured with clear and well laid out handouts to take home in a folder so you could practice what you learnt. Karley, our instructor, was extremely friendly and enthusiastic and really good with babies. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone with newborns/small babies (before they can roll!) as it’s such a lovely way to connect with your child. Thank you again so much, Karley!!!! Helen and James xxxx

Please dont hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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