Baby massage can be done from a new born, but we suggest after your little one has had their 6 week checks is a perfect time to join us.
We will supply everything you need for the course, towels, oil or massage balm, and handouts. We just ask you to bring a blanket to make your little person feel at home.
There are lots of benefits to massaging your new arrivals, regular massage can help with colic, wind, constipation, teething, settling and sleep and of course bonding with your baby.
If you have a group who would like to attend a course all together, we can come to you and provide the classes at a convenient time in your own home. We bring everything you will need for the course, we just ask you to bring a blanket to help settle your little one.
Yes we accept card payments online via paypal or by bank transfer. For details about bank transfers please send us a message and we will responded as soon as possible.
Yes you can bring buggy’s, in all of the locations there is a buggy park, where you can storage your buggy just outside the door to the venue.
In all of our settings there is plenty of parking. Most parking is in a private car park and others maybe on the road side.
All locations have wheelchair access, please let us know before you arrive if you need any further help and we can arrange this for you.
Full payment should be made at least 2 weeks before the course begins. If there is a situation where you are no longer able to attend a course, we will do our best to get you on the next available course we are holding in your area. If you need to cancel we do ask that you give us at least a weeks notice other wise we will retain your payment.
Our courses are all baby lead, so if you need to feed, change or your baby want to sleep then please see to your little one first, then join in when you can. We do give you handout to take away with you so you can continue at home.

Please dont hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have.

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